Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression? Past Life Regression is a technique used by Hypnotists to recover memories from your past or past lives, or beliefs of reincarnation.

Therapy is used to recover suppressed memories or to allow modification of behaviour from your past or beyond. Past Life Regression can assist in the removal of most fears and phobias which sometimes have roots from past life traumas.

You will enjoy a fascinating journey back into your past or past lives with Past Life Regression. What will you find in the past to unlock the present into the future.

If you wish to specifically return to your Past Life there are many doors it may open. Truly wonderful that you can explore and identify another place, time, adventure which you can chose to bring back to the future.

Explore another time in your past where you can discover, describe and feel...who... what... when... where...Notice your looks, your clothing, your age...imagine you can see yourself in a mirror to see yourself image...so many questions to be asked and so many answers to be found. You may notice the year, the weather, the place, country or city and much more. You may know your Ancestory from your DNA which may take you to where you want to go. The curiosity itself is immeasurable and the benefit may be even greater.

It has been documented that a Hypnotist had a client named "Which we will call Client" who had problems with headaches and dizziness. Tests and MRI's showed no physical cause. In her regression, she was "blindsided" with a blunt object while asleep in a teepee during a raid on her village. After the regression, her head was in pain and she was extremely dizzy for about a half an hour. When she regained her balance and her head cleared, she was able to go home. Later, she reported that her headaches were cleared.
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