"Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you have got."
Quote - Jim Rohn

You are not alone with Smoking as there are millions of people with this habit but you are the resourceful one who is seeking for change.

I don't have to tell you what is in cigarettes or what they are doing to you....you already know that..........but what I can tell you is.............

What will change for you....health, energy, attitude, relationships, sport, parties, work, savings and much more. There are only positives in giving up smoking and you already have achieved the first positive.

Concerns - You are not to worry about the 'what ifs'......over eating, socialising, stress, work, withdrawals, etc. I will address all of your personal concerns.

How about some facts?

Let's say you smoke 20 cigarettes a day which takes about 10 minutes for each cigarette, that's 200 minutes a day, a bit over 3 hours a day smoking. Let's take that a bit further, that works out to be over 1216 hours a year...That's 50 days a year....gone... Now that's Ridiculous.

That's 7,300 Cigarettes in a Year - About $7,300 Smoked and Burnt to Ash
Here's a crazy one – If you smoked 50 Cigarettes a Day for 5 Years = $91,250
Cigarettes Will Kill You, Cigarettes Steal Time from You, Cigarettes Steal Money from You, Cigarettes Steal Life from You

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