Terms Of Service


I do Guarantee, you will be given professional care, respect and privacy to achieve a positive outcome.

It would be contradictory to the 'Code of Ethics' that all members of the 'Australian Hypnotherapists Association' must abide by, in which I am a registered member. A motivated client determined to obtain a positive outcome is more likely to achieve realistic goals, however, it is unethical to guarantee a cure. Every experience is unique with each individual.


Expiry Of Paid Sessions

Expiry of paid sessions is 3 months from the last session.

Session Transfers

Paid sessions are not transferable between clients.


It is vital that you are not under the influence of alcohol &/or recreational drugs when you attend any sessions. If you are you will be asked to leave and will lose that session fee. I require a client to work with me and follow my instructions implicitly. Clients may be required to obtain written authorisation from their Medical Practitioner, Health Care Professional and/or Specialist prior to commencing sessions. Clients must advise any changes to the Hypnotherapist at the beginning of each Session.

Service Overview

The Client voluntarily consents to participate in the services provided by Practitioner. Methods used in these sessions may include: Hypnosis, NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Guided Imagery, Relaxation Training, Visualisation, Past Life Regression, OldPain2Go, TFT - Thought Field Therapy. Client understands not based on exact science and that the results can vary among individuals. Client understands and agrees that there are NO GUARANTEES as to the results or outcomes.

The Client remains ultimately responsible for his/her own decisions, actions, choices, and emotions, during and after participation in the program. The Client understands and acknowledges that the services may consist of a variety of processes and may incorporate questions, visualisations, pretending, writing or drawing, role-playing, breathing instructions, eye-movement instructions, tapping of sessions, take-home assignments, and physical movement.

Procedures will be explained to the Client in advance and will be conducted only with the Client’s consent. The Client has the right to ask questions about any process and to discuss any concerns before, during, or following these processes. The Client has the right to refuse to participate in any process at any time. The Client has the right to accept or reject instructions, advice, interpretations, or suggestions made by the Practitioner at any time. Client understands that the non compliance with program instructions may reduce the probability of success.

Client understands the Practitioner will make audio recordings of some program sessions, for the Practitioner to organise further sessions and observe the results and conclusions. These recordings will remain the property of the Practitioner. At no time will they ever be released on the www. (world wide web) or other. The Client may experience some uncomfortable emotions or review some unpleasant memories.